19 Data Recovery Programs

19 Data Recovery Programs

The other day he published an article with tips to recover information from a seemingly damaged memory card . One of the tips was to use a data recovery program . In this note I collect not one, but a total of nineteen programs so that you can recover the data from your memory card.

It does not mean that there are only these. Don’t even be the best. But as a starting point to start working on the recovery of information if we have a problem is not bad.

If I ask you to help me complete the list and tell me if you have been able to work with any of them or have experience with any other recovery program, you can send it to me in the comments of the post, in order to make a good list that helps the rest of users.

Data Recovery Programs

  • Handy Recovery . Jepes recommended it to us in the article ” 4 Determining Tips to Recover Data from Your Memory Cards “. This program told us the following: ” Personally, the application that worked best for me is Handy Recovery, I recently formatted a full 2GB card by mistake, after trying several programs I not only recover 200 recently deleted images, yes not also about 70 photos that I had deleted more than a month ago. “
  • Recover My Files . ” For data recovery programs I use” RECOVER MY FILES “, for me it is the most complete, the only problem that is in English, the most complete, of those you have, recover well (I tried almost all) but by my experience none like the one I have put ” Also recommended by Jamvenegrado .
  • GetDataBack . Jditoo tells us: ” For me I have recovered files until after formatting, without a doubt, nothing like the GetDataBack in its two versions, one for Fat and one for NTFS .”
  • PC Inspector Smart Recovery . Soulchainer . ” I have had to use a data recovery program a couple of times (due to accidental erasure and card error), and the one I usually use is PC Inspector Smart Recovery. It is in Spanish and it is very easy to use. And the true, it has taken me out of trouble and the images have recovered very well . “
  • Photo Recover Genius . Recommended by Ricardo . ” I have had problems of this type with several Memory Stick Pro cards (original Sony brand) and I was able to recover the photos (even some erased for some time that I no longer remembered) with the Photo Recovery Genius and it has left me very satisfied with its operation “.
  • Photorescue 2 . Commentary quirefe . ” For me, and on three occasions” crñiticas “, although a slow tad, there is no other (I have not tried it) like the PhotoRescue, which has even found me images before other formatting. I am very grateful for ‘save me’ a collection of wild orchids, unrepeatable. “
  • Klix . Available for Windows and Mac. Recommended by jamvenegrado .
  • MediaRECOVER Image Recovery Software .
  • Image Recall .
  • Recover My Photos .
  • BadCopy Pro .
  • Search and Recover 2 .
  • Digital Photo Recovery .
  • Flash File Recovery .
  • Data Recall .
  • MediaUndelete? Digital Image Recovery Software for Windows .
  • PhotoRescue Pro .
  • PhotoOne Recovery .
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