How to use the Internet safely this summer

How to use the Internet safely this summer

To discuss this issue, we interview Ana Santos of the Cybersecurity Institute 

ou are in a cafeteria and you connect to your public Wi-Fi network, or in a beach bar you consider paying with your mobile phone. Are these vacations safe? To resolve these and other questions about how to use the Internet away from home this summer, in the past BEING Consumer we interviewed Ana Santos , responsible for the Office of Internet Security (OSI) and the Internet Safe of the Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE) : “ Summer is neither more nor less insecure than other times of the year. Mind you, without lowering your guard . Maybe on holidays we make more payments with the card or with the mobile and it is an ideal time of free time forcheck that everything is perfectly configured and that it is safe . ” The guest told us about different topics related to cybersecurity.

Public wifi networks

Ana Santos: “We always advise against the use of open Wi-Fi or public Wi-Fi networks to make any type of payment, transfer, send personal data or identify with a username and password in any service, regardless of how authentic it may be. Nowadays it is not very necessary to make this type of communications by open wifis. Better to use 4G or resident proxy.”

Payment with contactless card

AS: “ The contactless payment integrated in the mobile phone is a fairly secure technology if we configure it well . Nowadays all banks provide us with an app called wallet (wallet) through which we see all our cards and, if our phone has integrated NFC technology, which should be consulted according to our phone model, it is quite safe make payments with the mobile in the same way that we would do with the contactless card in any store . In addition, we can configure that we use the fingerprint as a method of greater security and will always ask us for the PIN code ”.

The mobile for bank management

AS: “The mobile phone makes it very easy for us to manage our cards and all the configuration we have with the bank. When you carry the card in your wallet, you cannot access directly through it to see all the operations you have done at the time. However, with mobile, with these wallet can see all your movements bank made s, you can set using your cards abroad, for online purchases, for payments under 20 euros, the block can at the moment, it You see everything instantly . It gives enough confidence and security . ”

Doubts about cybersecurity

AS: “We can call our banks to explain how these virtual card wallets or apps work and to tell us all the security measures that can be used. And on the OSI website we have a lot of articles related to all this that can be consulted

Reverse search by image

AS: “Instead of searching the Internet for something by a text string, we can search through an image . For example, this can be very useful now in summer to confirm if the photos of a supposed summer house that we are going to rent or an apartment really are from that apartment or if they can be associated with thousands of apartments all over the world , something that It can already make us see that it is a fraud . ”

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