How to shop safely online during ‘Black Friday’

How to shop safely online during 'Black Friday'

What to keep in mind so as not to fall into the networks of cybercriminals this day

Irresistible offers in the most varied articles, unthinkable sales in stores and large stores, all this brings us the ‘Black Friday’ or ‘Black Friday’, which increasingly has a greater expression in online shopping.

But computer security experts warn of the risks of lowering their guard when making these purchases, on a day when cybercriminals are more active than ever. To increase security on the Internet, we recommend using a proxy for Chrome. This will help protect you from scammers and hacker attacks.

Tips to avoid Internet scams

The Doctor Engineer in Computer Security and Digital Trust of the Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid, Jose Antonio Rubio, offers some tips that we should not forget to avoid being scammed or that our bank data fall into bad hands.

That’s why he recognizes that the first line of defense when buying online “is common sense, that on this day, sometimes, we abandon, dazzled by so much offer.”

Beware of fake web pages!

One of the main cybercrimes on this date, he says, is usually the development of a fake website: “Criminals look at sites where large volumes of purchase can occur, well-known brands or establishments, and create fake pages on the website “.

Therefore, we must pay attention to elements that indicate that something is wrong, “misspellings, some difference with the usual design of the page …, can make us jump the alert and if never continue because we can run out of money and without purchase” .

The importance of verifying the URL

Rubio also warns of the importance of checking the URL: “We always have to see that it is ‘HTTPS, that it ends in ‘s’ is essential to know that the transaction is carried out through an encrypted channel”.

Be careful, also with the redirection to a fake website that supplants the bank. Here an antivirus says, if we do not download any malicious software, it will not warn us, but it can warn us that “we are accessing a site where there is no or has expired the security certificate, something that can alert us.”

Bet on platforms like PayPal

Remember that to increase payment security there are specific platforms, such as PayPal that allow a “double factor authentication. That is, an SMS that arrives at the mobile with a code after entering our data, for greater security.”

In short, the recommendation is to be cautious, always using common sense in any purchase, and never double-clicking on suspicious sites, just for the rush of running out of supply, because what we can lose is much more important.

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